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The more popular the Kraken trading platform becomes, the more people are interested in it and want to get on its pages. This is due to the fact that everyone who once clicked on the kraken tor link remains impressed by the quantity of goods, the convenience and ease of shopping, and many other features that are unique to the Kraken marketplace. Such users themselves stay on Kraken and recommend it to others.

What are the unique features of k2web?

Of course, the main feature of the Kraken is safety for everyone. Sellers and buyers never meet or see each other. The only information that the store has is the customer's nickname and the city where the courier should deliver the goods. The second feature is that on the website you can buy everything at once. There is no specific link to the products sold. So to speak, "under one roof" prohibited goods, documents, money, electronic equipment and much more. Another feature that needs to be noted is a well-thought-out functionality. Unlike other Darknet resources, it is easy to find the right product on Kraken and buy it. There is a catalog with a clear breakdown by direction, as well as a search bar by product name. To purchase a product, just go to its page and click on one "Buy" button. Within a short time, your product will be delivered to you and you will be offered to write a review about cooperation.